Posted by: Administrator | December 11, 2010

I’ve learned that is pretty inspiring.

I had the opportunity to spend some time this week at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco last week. To set the tone for the keynote and for the conference, the opening presentation was set to Will.I.Am’s new single “Own It”. was in the audience, and even weighed in on the benefits of cloud computing, which, while a bit surreal, I think drove home the pervasive nature in which technology continues to disruptively change the way we live and work.

I’ve been a fan of the Black Eyed Peas (I’ve got a Feeling, etc), but have been struck lately by the continuing theme of optimism and impact in BEP’s and Will.I.Am’s music. “Own it” is a call to action for ‘tomorrow leaders’ and ‘high achievers’. Unlike much other popular music, it does not focus on wealth or celebrity as an aspirational outcome. I think its focus is more geared toward generating positive change, having high impact and perhaps (maybe a stretch) social responsibility.

No doubt the folks at Salesforce spent a good deal of time thinking through the approriate theme music for Dreamforce. I thought it was spot on. (Stevie Wonder and Neil Young were also performed throughout the week)

What Benioff has done in creating a culture of energy and innovation at Salesforce is impressive. I am pleased to see the young leaders in the industry gaining recognition through the innovative companies they have created ; and incenting the next generation of Americans to admire them not for their celebrity, but for what they have created and how their companies have focused on being good corporate stewards.

We need more leaders like the Benioffs, Page & Brins, Zuckerbergs, Dorseys, Fertiks and Tripps of the world that continue to inspire followership in our country (and globally)  in education, collaboration, and stewardship.

We also need more music from



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